DIY vs. BIY “Do it versus Buy it”

Today I am introducing a new feature call “DO IT VS. BUY IT “. This new thing is a combination of two of my big loves: shopping and crafting.

For me this feature is a way of trying to do things that maybe in an other way I would not do it. Just to push myself harder and try things to decor my house, to use it myself or even to make a homemade gift, why not? The important thing here is that there is no going to be a winner, you can buy it or do it, that would be your choice.

For this first post I choose a lovely project, that I did for my brother´s new house: a pom pom tree. The ocassion: Christmas.doitvsbuyit

For this project you would need: yarn of any color (my choice was purple), sharp scissors, a plant pot, a wooden stick, some fabric to cover the pot and a pom pom maker or if you don´t have one you can do a pom pom with card board or even using your fingers.

The first step is to make the giant pom pom, I used the Clover extra large pom pom maker. I really recommend it!


The second part of the project was painting the plant pot and the stick, for the pot I chosen purple and white and for the stick I used some neon colors to add a little fun!


The last part is to put everything together and ta-ra! A new pom-pom tree is born 😉doitvs.buyit6

Hope you enjoy it! And I wish you can try it! The most important thing: have fun in the process, if not remember you can always BUY IT!

Nina 🙂


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