DIY vs. BIY Leather Clutches

Weeks ago me and my sister decided to play with some leather I bought time ago. We choose to make some leather clutches and we started trying to dye the leather. The process was easy because we have all the materials in home.



For dyeing leather you will need spray paint of any color or there are special fabric paints which are better for the final results, masking tape and remember to put something (nylon, paper, cardboard) to mantain the surface down below clean.

clutches1Once you have the leather dry, you have to make a paper mold (our mold was 54 cm length x 28 cm width) and cut the lather in the same shape of the mold.

clutch3Then we put the clutch together with the help of some clothespins and make some tiny holes to help the thread go through the leather.


We really enjoy all the process and it is perfect to try it for making a present or even use it yourself. Good luck!! and I hope you like it. clutch7

love Nina 😉


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