Shake your pom-pom!!!

pompomI had been in love with pom poms my hole life and lately I found some cool accesories to make pom-poms and start making them like a mad person. For my point of view you can add pom-poms to everything, there are a good accessory for accessories. Here are some uses I give them in two projects, for one I did a Pom-pom tree and last week when I did the DIY vs. BIY project of the week I add to the tote some pom-poms too and it really change. So the idea of this post is to sum up the different ways you can make your own pom-poms.pompom8For me, The Clover brand has really good and easy pom-pom makers. You can choose the sizes (depending on what you need it for)and the final result is pretty good.  I also have the Susan Bates pom-pom kit, it´s good but for me it´s more manual.pompom2 pompom7 pompom1 pompom4 pompom3The heart shape pom pom maker is lovely and you can use it to make  Valantine´s garlands, add one in a valantine´s present wrapping or just in a card. In case you don´t have a pom-pom maker (like the ones shown up), don´t panic! You can make a pom pom by your own. Here I give you two short ways for doing them: using your fingers or using a round cardboard.pompom6USING YOUR FINGERS:pompom9It´s super easy! 1. First make a loop of yarn around your fingers. 2. Wrap the yarn in your fingers with a piece of another yarn and make a knot. 3. Cut the outside part. 4. Voilá! You have a very descent pom-pom. Tip: in case you want a very thick pom-pom, you have to put more yarn in the first step.

USING A ROUND CARDBOARD:pompom10In this second option, first you will need to cut a round shape in a cardboard (as is shown in picture 1 and 2). Then start to roll the yarn in the round shape and remember to make a cut in the shape (this help you to roll the yarn faster, you can see it clearly in the third picture). Try to cut the edge of the shape without loosing the yarn everywhere (look picture 4). Remember to secure the cut yarn with another piece of yarn and then trim off the excess of yarn (picture 5 and 6). There you go!! You have another pom-pom to use. Hope you like this two little tutorials! I really enjoy this post! And good luck with your pom-poms! I will be sharing new uses for pom-poms soon (Pom-pom addict, yes I know…)

Love, Nina 😉

p.s: In case you want to buy or try the pom-pom “machines” I added some links in each photo above with their link to amazon. Enjoy!


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