DIY vs. BIY… Photo Display

photodisplayFor the “DIY vs. BIY” project of this week, I choose to make a photo display. I love to print photos (I always have tons!) but the thing is that nowadays it´s no so common to print them. We are very used to just look the pictures in the computer or even share them in the different platforms that today became so popular: Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and lots of other ones. So here is a very easy solution and a good excuse to print your photos and share them in your home.photodisplay1For this project you will need: metallic wire, pliers, acrylics paints, a brush, clothespins and mushroom head suction pads.  photodisplay31. First, cut the mettalic wire in the length you choose (depending on where you are thinking to put the display) 2. Pass the wire through the suction pad. 3.4.5 Secure the end by putting something in the end of the wire. For this you can use the plier. 6. Choose some bright colors and paint the clothespins.photodisplay2 photodisplay4For painting the clothespins, I use some acrylics I have in my home, it´s no necesary to buy special paint for this project. The important thing is to add some beautiful colors to the display, so depending on your taste you can choose one single color (for a more serious display) or mix them like I did. The last ingredient: the photos!!! Hang them with the clothespins and that´s it! You have a beautiful photo display you can be proud of! Enjoy it!!


Love, Nina 🙂



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