Restyling an old purse

restylingpurse4I have to be honest about my wardrobe and accessories and I admit I have so many purses I am not using, that I decided to make a refresh. So today I am going to share with you a simple restyle project. Remember that with little details you can change everything. Here is the process:restylingpurseThe first step is to choose one item with potential to change. 1. My pick was this white purse. I sketch in my head the final idea, I wanted to have a Kate Spade look with a black, yellow palette. 2. Then I used masking tape to do black horizontal stripes. 3.The technique was the same I used to dying leather in the DIY vs. BIY Tote Project.restylingpurse14. I take advantage of the original design of the purse, painting in yellow (a neon tone) some space in the front of the purse. 5. Once the black paint was dry I removed the masking tape.restylingpurse9The final step was adding some pom-poms (if you already know me a little, you will know about my pom-pom addiction over here). You can look the tutorial of how to make your own pom-poms here. But it´s really easy and funny.restylingpurse7I have to admit this project really worth it, because the final result was amazing! A completely new purse in less than three hours!! Are you ready to look into your wardrobe and do some restyling? I am definitely picking new things to restyle!!restylingpurse8Happy Friday, love,




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