Restyling a pair of sandals

restylingsandals2This project was super easy and fun! I was needing some change in one of my super comfy sandals-flipflops. So I decided to make them a little more “formal” to use them to go out. For this project I use: black fabric, studs, adhesive, thread, needle, scissors and some old coins.restylesandals31. The first thing you need to do is choose some sandal you want to restyle. Then the first step is cut  the black fabric in a double triangle shape. 2.3. Once you have it cut, using the adhesive, stick it together so you will have one perfect triangle. 4. 5. After doing this you can start adding the different studs in the black triangle. 6. Sew some coins in the edge of the triangle. 7. Add some adhesive in the sandal(I used UHU for the adhesive which is really good), in my case it was super easy because of the shape of the original sandal. 8. Paste the triangle with the sandal and if you want you can secure the triangle by stitching it to the sandal.restylingsandals8restylingsandals5Hope you like it!! I love my new sandals 🙂

Love, Nina.


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