Painting a wooden hand mirror..


In case you don´t know the earliest mirrors were hand mirrors (not the big ones we are used to). Their were very popular in Europe in the last century and were a “luxury item” made with silver and expensive materials. I thought it would be fun to have my own hand mirror so last week I bought a wooden hand mirror with an amazing shape in a craft store. The next step was to put all the colors i love and style it my way. So here is the result!diyhandmirror4I inspire myself in one of my own drawings to make the face even if then I change it randomly. Drawing in the wood can be very helpful to follow the design. The important thing is to paint coat by coat the different areas and take some time to allow the paint to dry. I used a variety of very bright colors of acrylics and add the word “beautiful” with a sharpie.diyhandmirror1diyhandmirror6 diyhandmirror5A very simple and fun project! Hope you try yours!

Love, Nina 🙂


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