On making your own art or “something close to art”

HANGUINGART4I been thinking how to decorate and make more “our own” our apartment. We have been living in this place for over and year and a half and I have to admit I´ve been a little lazy about the hanging art chapter. So last week I was in a decoration mode and try to fill my walls with things I like. For me was really important to exercise my creativity trying to do my own art or as I call it “something close to art”. This is a way of making your home more personalize and yours. And is good for the pocket too! hungingart3

 To add some “personality” to my home I try some writing in a white canvas, something super easy to do. You can choose a song lyric, a poem or just a random text. I add some aerosol painting to make it more cool. Here is the same project in which I inspire me to do this.
To add some color I play with collage, paints, markers, the result of mixing different styles and materials is amazing you never know which the result will be.candylamp8
You can mix your home made art with buying some pieces of art you really enjoy to have. The good thing is that you can always change, re-paint or add some new canvas depending or your mood, depending on the season. It´s a great way to stay fresh!
Desde hace un tiempo he estado pensado como re-decorar o darle un refresh a mi hogar de una manera económica. La primera idea que se me vino a la cabeza fue crear mi propio arte o como lo llamo yo “algo cercano al arte”. Lo lindo de esto es que es un ejercicio para la creatividad y la imaginación. Darle personalidad al hogar es llenarlo de detalles de uno mismo y ese fue el objetivo. Usando diferentes técnicas, collage, pintura, marcadores conseguí ponerle color a algunas paredes que lo necesitaban. Lo bueno de hacer cosas para colgar en tu propia casa es que si te aburris o queres cambiarlas podes hacerlo facilmente re pintando los lienzos o agregando otros. Es una gran manera para mantener el hogar fresco y actualizado según la etapa por la que estes pasando!
Caro or just Nina.

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