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New design on the blog coming soon!!

theninaprojectblogI am so happy to share big news with you! This weekend we are going to launch a whole new design for the blog :). I am over the moon with this project, because we (the lovely Marisa and me) have been working a lot the past few months with inspiration and options for this place. And we hope you like it!! Tomorrow is the day, so don´t worry if you have some problems seeing some posts, because we will be working hard to deliver you the new site on Monday. It has been such a great experience blogging here this past months and I hope to keep sharing with you my ideas, projects and thoughts. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I do!

All my love, Carolina dash Nina 🙂


Estoy super contenta de poder compartir una gran noticia! Este fin de semana estaremos lanzando un nuevo diseño para este blog!(carita de felicidad la mía). Estaremos (haramos dijo un mosquito) en realidad la encargada de poner todas las líneas de código en su lugar es Marisa (la diseñadora) y yo estaré haciendo lo que se llama “el aguante” jeje. Hablando en serio hemos estado trabajando mucho los últimos meses, con inspiración, ideas, idas y venidas (pobre Marisa!) y espero que el resultado final les guste. El diseño podríamos decir es muy Caro aunque debo admitir me tranquilice con los colores así que no saquen sus lentes de sol todavía para leerlo ja! Mañana Domingo es el día, así que no se preocupen si no pueden acceder a alguno de los posts, o ven algo “fuera de lugar” porque el Lunes ya quedara todo pronto. Aprovecho para agradecer a cada uno de ustedes por parar en este micro rincón de la world wide web. Personalmente me encanta escribir y compartir con ustedes mis ideas, proyectos e inspiración y espero que lo estén disfrutando tanto como yo. Gracias!!

Todo mi cariño,

Carolina o simplemente Nina (un día les voy a contar como llegue a mi sobrenombre…jeje)


English vs. Spanish

englishvs.spanishWhen I first had the idea to write a blog I always imagine it in english. I don´t know why but it was like the right option in the moment and I thought it would be fun to contact with people all around the world. But I have to admit that my mother tongue is spanish and after some thoughts and some people asking I thought why not? And I decide to give a shot spanish too. So from this day on, I will be writing in spanish and english (this is like an experiment so let´s see how it gets) .  Welcome to this new era (i probably will get nuts!! LOL) and hope you keep reading 😉

I have to admit that even if I speak spanish all day long it´s great to practice english in a daily basis. If you have a blog what would be your first choice of language? E or S?

Spanish: Cuando tuve la idea por primera vez de escribir un blog siempre me lo imagine en inglés. No se porqué pero fue la mejor opción en ese momento y me pareció divertido contactar con gente de todo el mundo y el inglés por lo general es el mejor idioma para esto. Pero tengo que admitir que mi lengua materna es el español y después de que algunas personas me preguntaran ¿porque no escribis en español?… lo pense mejor y decidí darle una oportunidad. Así que desde hoy podrán leer los post en ambos idiomas. Que emoción!! jaja Traduciendo como loca! Pero espero les guste lo que comparto acá semanalmente 🙂 Hip hurra a la profesora de inglés de 2do año Lucila que me enseño las bases de todo, una genia! Bueno me parece que me fui de la traducción jeje (esto va a pasar seguido)

Tengo que admitir que esta experiencia de escribir solo en inglés por estos meses me sirvió para practicarlo. Preguntón: si tuvieras un blog o si ya lo tenes.. ¿Cuál sería tu primera opción? Inglés o Español? Bueno que tengan un fin de semana súper lindo.

Have a lovely weekend,

Carolina (or better know as Nina, ja!)

My birthday presents!

birthdaypresentsWell I have to say I had a beautiful birthday day and I would like to share with you my birthday presents.. I think I am starting to stock things for the winter (yes I live in the south and we are saying goodbye to the hot weather). Fall is not 100% here but you can see glimpses of it.birthday1birthday3birthday2


Nina 🙂

29 before 30

29before30March is my birthday month!! And inspired in this list of the blog A Beautiful Mess; I thought It would be fun to have my own list of goals for this year ahead. Here are my 29 goals before I become 30 (OMG!! 30). I think this list it´s a great opportunity to put in paper things that maybe are in my head and use it as a reminder through the year! Try yours!

1. Run a little marathon or at least a 5KM race.

2. Eat healthier, more veggies and green food would be nice.

3. Learn to draw or at least improve some techniques.

4. Visit a new country, preferentially in Europe, preferentially Italy!!

5. Find an “It” artist to be obsess this year.

6. Try to learn a new language, I would love to learn swedish or french.

7. Have a weekly exercise routine.

8. Start swimming just for fun.

9. Paint a little art collection of my own, to hang in my home.

10. Make a restyling /renovation of one of my home spaces.

11. Go to a place with snow and embrace some snow activity.

12. Develop a creative project that maintain me doing art for the rest of year (HI).

13. Have “really” vacations with Coco, with no cellphones, calls really time out.

14. Evolve in my work, learn to love what I do daily and have lots of fun in it.

15. Try to make “home-made” presents to give as gifts.

16. Keep writing in this blog regularly.

17.Keep having ideas to share here, try to focus in the diy projects and develop new features.

18. Launch a new design for this blog.

19. Start watching old movies and cinema classics.

20. Learn to cook a special meal, just one home-made special meal (Let´s put it this way I don´t have a very good (none) relationship with the kitchen. I know shame on me!

21. Learn to paint with watercolors.

22. Experiment with underwater photography in a more serious way.

23. Visit friends and family abroad. I have family and friends in Puerto Rico, Philadelphia, Sweden, Spain and France.

24. Find more inspiration in music, find some new artists in this field.

25. Assist to a workshop or an event about blogging.

26. Find blogging pals to exchange experiences in the field.

27. Go to a live concert of someone I really admire.

28. Learn more about Photoshop and how to improve photos for the blog.

29. Have fun in a daily basis and enjoy every minute of it.


Nina 🙂

And the Oscar goes to…

Tomorrow are the Oscars. Is the top event of the year for everyone working in the american movie industry. I have to admit that I grew up watching the Oscars and the red carpet and I also wanted to work in the movie industry for a while. I remember that when I was in school, and in the time tv cable was not an option, we watched the ceremony through a local channel and it was awesome, big. Then E! Entertainment arrived and the red carpet was a must see in a hot February Sunday night. Nowadays I am no more a so fanatic Oscar girl, but I have to say that I will watch it tomorrow for sure! Here is a top 10 list of movies that in the past won the Oscar of “best picture” and for me are a must see movie. Enjoy your re watch!

1. BEST PICTURE OF 1943 – CASABLANCA.casablanca

2. BEST PICTURE OF 1994 – FORREST GUMPforestgump









Credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Nina 😉

Experimenting with underwater photography

underwaterphotographySome time ago I became obsess about underwater photography. In fact I found an amazing artist Elena Kalis who is a mermaid photographer and I absolutely adore her work. So I know I am far away Elena, but I have a thought about why not trying underwater photography with my iphone! I have to admit that I had so much fun playing underwater. My goal for the future is to keep taking this kind of pictures and I absolutely need a better waterproof camera to play with.underwaterphotography4The first thing you will need to start snapping pictures underwater (and the cheaper option) is to buy an underwater case for your camera or your iphone. I bought this one and was the main tool for this pictures. You can check in amazon, there are lots of waterproof cameras in a low budget. I still didn´t choose my perfect gear for this new hobby, but i heard that the GoPro camera it´s really cool.underwaterphotography5underwaterphotography3 underwaterphotography2 photographyunderwater0underwaterphotography1Hope you like this post, I really love to take this pictures! Even if their are soooo amateur… and as you realize I add some aquatic doodles. I will keep you update about my underwater adventures and please try your own pictures and let´s be underwater friends!!!

Have a lovely weekend!! Love, Nina.

p.s: I am a fish in the water 🙂

Taking pictures like a crazy person…

photo loveI love photography since I have memory. Is one of my favorite hobbies in the world!! Experimenting with photos and adding filters and playing with texts, shapes and light is so fun. Lately I realized that since I have Instagram I take lots of photos even in the same day. I think is the best app and I usually use the “Amaro” filter.


IMG_6444 IMG_6226 IMG_6547

The other app I am in love is “Afterglow” it has fantastic filters and the funny thing is the different shapes you can put to your picture.


IMG_6352 IMG_6337 IMG_6363 IMG_6334

Last but no least is the “Line Camera” app which is amazing because you can add stamps to your photos and also it has some unique filters with hearts and flowers.


 IMG_6571 IMG_6572 IMG_6570

What is your favorite app? Please share them so I can try them!!



Happy Valentine´s Day everyone!

HAPPYVALENTINESDAYThis special quote is a good way to remember this day. Happy V-Day everyone! Enjoy 🙂


p.s: I want to thanks the Fashion Swap Party blog team, for invite me to choose some cravings for valentines. You can read their article here, hope you like my choices 🙂

Preparing yourself for tomorrow…10 romantic movies for Valentine´s Day…

I have been thinking about to post something useful for Valentine´s Day, and I thought it would be fun to give you my ten first choices of movies to watch in this day. I think is a good idea to spent the day with your Valentine or with yourself watching lovely movies. Maybe in this list you can see some movies that are label as “no so Valentine”, but for me the important filter to did this list, was that in some point of the story, love was involve in some way. So if you are alone in this Valentine´s Day or with someone, remember that the most important thing is to love yourself first and then you would be capable to give that love back to the world.

1. My first pick is Pride & Prejudice, a classic from Jane Austen that every time I watch it, it really touch my heart. This version has my favorite Mr. Darcy.prideandpredjuice

2. The Notebook, I think is difficult to find some girl in the 20´s or 30´s that this movie didn´t like it at some point. I have to admit though that I like it, but the part when they are old is not my favorite, but Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Gosling are perfect together. thenotebook

3. Nothing Hill, a romantic classic in one of the most lovely neighbourhoods of London.nothinghill

4. 50 first Dates. A lovely story with Drew Barrymore that challenge the love beyond memory.50firstdates

5. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. This movie is probably in my top 5 of best movies ever.eternalsunshineofaspotlessmind

6. Before Sunset. This movie is so sweet and so romantic! Did I mention is in Paris? Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke are so perfect. Is a must to watch “Before Sunrise” which is the first movie. But my favorite is the second one 🙂beforesunset

7. 10 Things I hate about you. A 80´s classic I really adore! I think I meet Heath Ledger with this movie.10thingsIhateaboutyou

8. Only You. A fairy tail story in Italy with Marisa Tomei (she is so gorgeous in this movie) and a very very young Robert Downey Jr. So 80´s!!onlyyou

9.The time travelers wife. Rachel Mcadams is perfect for romantic movies! and I love this movie because of its magic and probably because Eric Bana is so gorgeous here!thetravelerswife110. What dreams may come. The first time I watched this movie I really cry, but I really love the message that nothing is impossible when you have love in your heart (even you can cross hell for love).whatdreamsmaycome

Happy Valentine´s Day tomorrow and remember be your own Valantine!!!

Love, Nina.

Credits: Pride&PredjuiceThe Notebook – Nothing Hill50 First Dates – Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind Before Sunset – 10 Things I hate about you Only you The time travelers wife What dreams may come.

The new app everyone is talking about… Welcome Vine


Last week a new social media network pop up in the communications world. I start to see in many blogs this new word: Vine. So I did a little research including downloading the app (of course) and try it. This new app is like Instagram but with videos. You can record a 6 sec. video in a really easy and short way, and of course share it with the Vine community. I was sceptic at first, because come on! we have more than enough social networks to play with. But I have to admit is really funny, only time will tell how users and brands will adapt.

VineIf you want to follow me on Vine, look for me : The Nina Project.


Good luck making your videos!! Love, Nina 🙂

p.s: now you can only download for Iphones. If you want more information of the app here is the Vine blog