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Le quote of the week #23



Frase de la semana: … ” las palabras son claramente la droga más poderosa usada por el hombre…” RUDYARD KIPLING.

Carolina or Nina 🙂


People I admire… Teesha Moore

I´ve been following Teesha Moore work for years and I find it amazing, her art is something I really love because it has things I really identify with myself. She is an expert in the “art journaling” world, using mix media. I would love to improve my techniques in this area. She knows how to express her feelings using colors, images and beautiful illustrations. If you want to read her blog click here and if you are interested in this kind of art she is always doing workshops and art fest. Enjoy!TESHAMOORE7TESHAMOORE4TESHAMOORE8TESHAMOORE TESHAMOORE2

Spanish: He seguido el trabajo de Teesha Moore desde hace años y lo encuentro Ă­ncreible no sĂłlo por su creatividad y sus tĂ©cnicas sino porque hay algo en su arte que me identifica. Ella es una experta en el mundo del conocido “art journaling” o en espeañol serĂ­a una especie de “arte de diarios personales”. Utiliza muchas tĂ©cnicas donde mezcla la ilustraciĂłn, la pintura,  creando collages Ăşnicos. Esta movida de “art journaling” es muy fuerte en paĂ­ses como Estados Unidos y busca realizar diarios personales con hojas Ăşnicas, expresando la creatividad y plasmando el mundo interno de cada persona en una hoja de papel. A mi me parece fascinante y aunque no los hago todos los dĂ­as me gusta cada tanto pintar, pegar y rayar un poco. Si quieren seguir más de cerca su trabajo, les dejo el link de su blog y si están interesados en este tipo de arte les dejo los links para sus workshops y art fests. Ella da clases on-line en inglĂ©s.


Carolina or just Nina:)

Credits: All images are from Tesha Moore website.

Le quote of the week #22



La frase de la Semana #22 ” …SĂ© tu mismo, todos los demás ya están tomados…” Oscar Wilde. Que tengan una linda semana,

Carolina or Nina 🙂

People I admire… Bianca Green

I am really in love with Bianca Green´s work! She is a very talented brazilian artist with an amazing taste for beautiful colors and crazy compositions. She use lots of different patterns that make her drawings more alive. And she has also lived in my country (happy coincidence) :). If you are looking for digital collage and bright colors she is the girl. Enjoy!biancagreenbiancagreen3Bianca Green2 biancagreen2

Bianca Green1

How cool is that? If you want to shop one of her designs you can go to her Society 6 web page, and you will find lots of amazing pieces. Or maybe read more about her bio here.

Love, Nina.

Credits: Bianca Green web.


People I admire… Jessie Kanelos

I found Jessie Kanelos because of her blog The francofly. She is an american illustrator living in Paris and most of her drawings are about food (that´s why I love her drawings!!). She has a simple but lovely style I want to share with you. Enjoy!



Kanelos Weiner bonne maman

Credits: all the illustrations are from Jessie´s blog




Obsess about this app… Clipcrop


I am always looking for new apps to manipulate and edit photographs. I wrote about some of my favorites apps here. And I am using my cellphone more than ever as a camera so it´s great to find tools to edit them on the go. In the search of good apps I found Clipcrop and I have to admit I am really obsess with this new app. It has amazing masks for cropping the photos and my favorite thing: it has all the alphabet to crop. The good new is that is free (for some masks you have to pay) but in my opinion the basic app has enough shapes to play with. Here are some sneak peaks of the masks:




obsess2Do you have other cool cropping apps to recommend?

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina 🙂

People I admire… Garance DorĂ©

Even she is better know as a fashion blogger, Garance DorĂ© started her career as an illustrator in her natal France. She has a very particular drawing style that is so feminine and chic that the first time I saw it, I was hooked. She mixes very well thick and fine lines that she combines with perfect composition and lots of details . So here is my recognition to the “Garance artist” I admire so much. If you want to read her history from the illustrator Garance to the fashion blogger Garance click here(recommended!!) Or you can just visit her blog (which I do daily) and be amaze with her funny and real approach of life. I think she wouldn´t be catalog as a fashion blogger, is more as a real woman´s view of fashion. Enjoy!


garance dore 2garance dore illustration japan braidgarancedorepartygarance-dore-follow-me

Have a great end of the week.

Love, Nina

Credits:All the pictures are from Garance Dore website.

When the fashion meet the week… Moweek Winter 2013


This weekend was the “Montevideo Fashion Week” Winter 13 edition or as is better know “ItaĂş Moweek”. That was the synonym of three days with the best of uruguayian fashion in one spot. The excuse is always good if you have to get in your heels and go to see beautiful clothes. Lots of people of this growing industry say hello this last weekend and it was worth it. Even if you are not like a fashion fan it was a great place to find inspiration (you know I am like an inspiration junkie!) So here is my little point of view of the event. Let´s keep doing things like this!


There were lots of stands with amazing uruguayans brands like MAMUT, BLACK AND LIBERTY, FASHION BOX, STRAWBERRY FIELDS and TELMA among others. Some of them are seeling worldwide like MAMUT shoes. This brand recently enter into the Solestruck catalog.moweek1 moweek3 moweek5

In the other hand were the advertisers stands with amazing activities. Sedal like other years present a “braid bar” where you were supposed to choose amongst a variety of  hairstyles. The new incorporation was the accessories diy area with amazing materials to play with (in love!). Lancome offered a beauty salon where they were doing the make-up. In the Philips stand their were offering amazing fashion advices and last but no least I was amaze by a very funny idea of drawing your dress design in a wood body frame by Viva.

moweek11 moweek6moweek7 moweek14

The runway was inspirational too and the most glamourous part! It was a real mix of aesthetics in the stage! The schedule was intense and I have to admit I didn´t enter to every show. Here are the brands and institutes that participate this year: EUCD / BETTY RIAL / CANDELA (from NYC) / ANA LIVNI / STRASSER INSTITUTE / BORISHKA / ROMEROGARNIE / LEMON/ CARO CRIADO / BLACK&LIBERTY/ INTEGRA PABLO GIMÉNEZ/ MARCEL SHOES / LUMINA PTA.CARRETAS/ JUAN IGLESIASmoweek12 moweek13

The special guest of the the event was Calu Rivero who was interviewed by Lucia Brocal in the Sedal Stand. Calu is a really know actress and model from Argentina.moweek10

This was such a good oportunity to new and old labels and products get known and to put in the national and international spotlight the uruguayan fashion industry. So even if I can´t consider myself a fashion expert, I really enjoy the experience! Seeing the evolution of this industry is amazing, we really have incredible talent in this tiny country 🙂 So proud!!

For more information of this event you can go to their website or to BlogCouture blog.


Nina 🙂