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My top 10 blogs I daily read (or try to read)

Before I start to write in this blog, I was a very active reader in the blog world. Trough the years I been collecting new favorites blogs I really adore and in some way they shape me and make me the idea of what kind of blog I would like to have. There are lots of good blogs, but here is my top ten list of blogs you should read!!

1. A Beautiful Mess: The bloggers in charge are two lovely sisters: Elsie and Emma. They live a life of creating beautiful things, projects, diy, lovely recipes and a lot of things!!. (I read it daily and is my favorite one).


2. Garance Doré: she is a french blogger, and her story is very inspiring. I start reading her blog because she is a really good illustrator and I love her drawings. She is also a fashion blogger and I adore the illustration-fashion mix!!


3.Gala Darling: I love reading this blog, because her writing is very inspirational and motivational. She is a young new yorker, who love everything in pink and I adore her approach to life.galadarling

4. Designlovefest: the blogger behind this is Bri Emery, a californian blonde with a great taste for design.designlovefest

5.Sinceresly Kinsey: Kinsey is a midwest girl, who also is a a photographer with a pretty eye for diy projects (she also writes in A Beautiful Mess).sincereslykingsey

6. Elsa Billgrens: She is a swedish blogger and when I started to read her blog, she used to write in english and swedish, but now she only writes in her mother tongue. Even though I recommend her site, because she takes beautiful pictures.


7. Building 25: is the blog of Free People the brand, I adore some of their articles. They are based in Philadelphia and the name of the blog is because the headquarters of Free People are located in that address. Good vibes.


8. Making Magique: this blog is written by Haleigh Walsworth, a lovely american girl living in Paris. Her blog has beautiful pictures and she really makes me feel the parisian magic.makingmagique

9.Paper Fashion: a blog by Katie Rodgers, she describes her blog as a mix between paper and fashion, her illustrations are amazing, I love her romantic aesthetic.paperfashion

10.Elise Blaha: her blog is very sweet and is a very personal and life journal blog. Elise, is a mum to be and she combines diy projects, with recipes, yoga and scrapbooking. This is the last blog I started to read.

eliseblahaHope you like this special blogs! and start to follow them in case you like them, Good weekend and good reading!

Love, Nina 😉


About the Liebster Award

Last week I have the great surprise that a reader nominate me for The Liebster Awards. I never ever in my life have listen to that name, so obviously my first reaction was google it. As I start reading about it, I realize that is a recognition giving to new blogs or blogs that are lovely for the reader, that have less than 200 followers and is a way to spread the word, like a mouth to mouth. I think is a kind of a game because:
*The nominee blogger have to answer 11 questions.
*Share 11 facts about himself.
*Have to nominate 11 new blogs that he/she loved.
*And finally have to make 11 new questions for them to answer.
I want to say thank you to the lovely blogger, who nominated me. Her name is ShonteMarie and here is her blog: http://theblogthatneverends.wordpress.com/. Even though I think I don´t deserve it, I want to share it here in my blog, because I think it is a good way of saying thank you and spreading the word of this.
Here are my response to the 11 questions she made me: 
1. Where do you find inspiration or ideas for your blog?
I been thinking about writing a blog time ago, so I have lots of journals full of ideas. But I think the main source of inspiration I found it in my daily life, sometimes I am in my work and an idea pop up (I write everything in journals), or sometimes I found old ideas in the journals. Traveling helps me a lot and of course inspiration I find in others blogs.
2. How often do you sit down and blog, uninterrupted? Do you schedule time for it, or do it on the fly?
Yes I dedicate at least two hours daily to write in the blog and I schedule it. I started the blog last November, so I decided for January to have at least one post by day. It´s a kind of goal for this month and I hope to keep doing it the whole year, but let´s just think of January. For writing one post each day I have to organize me a little bit, for example the big projects like (DIY vs. BIY) I try to do them in the weekends (buy the materials and do as much as I can) so in the week the only thing left is to take the pictures and put the post together.
3. What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
I love movies (is something I hope I start blogging soon), so my perfect Sunday will be in my house with by lovely husband watching a movie while I am painting or drawing something.
4. Favorite item in the room you’re in right now:
My actual journal, it contain beautiful ideas for future posts and projects 😉
5. What’s a goal you have for 2013?
The main goal of the year is to keep moving in the path of what I really enjoy to do. I think that a word that can summarize my goals for 2013 is EVOLVE (I will be sharing this too soon), but I think EVOLVE is a concept that applies in different areas of my life. And obviously to maintain and grow this little place in the internet.
6. What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
Difficult one… I think my camera Nikon D40
7. You have to play one song on constant repeat for an entire day. Which song do you choose?
Deep Blue Sea – Snatam Kaur
8. Last film you saw in theaters and loved?
Life of Pi, I love the message of the movie.

9. What is your best talent or skill?
I think maybe to put things together, or organize things. I enjoy the process.

10. If you had a super power, what would it be?
I absolutely would love to fly and read minds.

11. What’s your ultimate dream for your blog? How will you measure its “success?”
My ultimate dream for my blog is to keep writing every single day and never run out of ideas. I think my success can be measure if someone around the world can use it for being inspired and help that person in some way. I belive in energy, i belive is contagious, so if this little corner can help anyone to move in a positive direction, that would be awesome!

Here are my nominee blogs:

The francofly











My 11 facts:

1. I am 28 years old. 2. I live in South America 3.I love neon colors!! 4.Like ice tea 5.everything with strawberries is a very good meal for me 6.I grow up with the Spice Girls boom 7.Love chick flicks 8.I run or at least try 9.I work in a tv station 10.My new best friend: a Bamboo Tablet 11.I really love Picnics.

11 questions (I pick some of the ones I answer and mix them with some new):

1. Where do you find inspiration or ideas for your blog?
2. Which is your favorite blog in the world?
3. What is your favorite meal?
4. If you have to choose a word for 2013, it would be…
5. Two words that define you..
6. What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
7. You have to play one song on constant repeat for an entire day. Which song do you choose?
8. Last film you saw in theaters and loved?
9. What is your best talent or skill?
10. If you had a super power, what would it be?
11. If you have unlimited time and resources, what would you choose to do?
Love, Nina.

One little word for 2013

evolveI found a very interesting project or more like a public tradition called “One little word” that seems really interesting. I start reading about it and I really like the idea of choosing one word that can sum up what I want for this year. The word I actually choose for this year is EVOLVE. Evolve in every aspect I can. It´s a beautiful word that summarize what I want to achive in this 2013. What would be your one little word? Try it!

evolve. theninaproject1evolve. theninaproject3The main creator of this project is Allie Edwards a lovely blogger I found online and If you want to read more of the concept of one little word click here.evolve6evolve. theninaproject

Hope you like this little experiment and I think it can help me to go trough the year remembering my principal goal.

Love, Nina 🙂

Photos by me.

Le Quote of the week #4

lequoteoftheweek4Gala Darling is a very well know blogger, I love her inspirational way of life, she shares lots of positive and inspiring thoughts. You can read her blog here. Hope you like it.

Nina  🙂