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People I admire… Lora Zombie

I am really obsess with this artist, her name Lora Zombie a russian lady that is a genious in making amazing paintings using watercolors, acrylics, collage and mixing this techniques together. She is really talented and so inspiring. I am passing through a watercolor love period in my life and she is my Da Vinci in this area. Her work is sublime and at the same time intriguing. She admits to do “grunge art” but in my opinion (and in many for sure) she is an amazing talented artist. I dream for a private watercolor class with this lady!


By the way if you are interest in Lora, you can check her youtube channel which has lovely short videos with her painting.

Credits: All this images are from Lora Zombie web.



People I admire… Malin Bergström

I found this amazing artist and ilustrator this time offline. I am a huge fanatic of Nylon Magazine and one of their ilustrators is Malin Bergström. She is swedish and I have to admit I have a special love for her country, I have family in Sweeden and I went once in a beautiful summer and felt in love of this scandinavian country. She works mixing collage with ilustration in a unique way and her drawings are absolutely amazing. I love the colors she uses, always some black and white with hints of color. Here is her work, hope you enjoy it.


Love, Nina.

Credits: The four ilustrations are from here web page.

People I admire… Budi Satria Kwan

Budi Satria Kwan is a graphic designer and incredible artist, I found his work on-line an was love at first sight. Here are some of his designs, hope you like it. If you want to see more of his work, here is the link to his web site.


Photo 1: from here

Photo 2: from here

Photo 3: from here

Photo 4: from here

Love, Nina.

People I admire… Manish Arora

Manish Arora is an indian designer with a great taste for textures and colors. I know him because he once did a beautiful line of designs for SWATCH. Beacuse his indian influences and roots, he used in all his collections bright colors and unique designs. I adore her creativity, the intense use of the colors and how playful he can be with a peace of cloth. Even if you are a fashion fan or not, you have to admit he is truly an artist, playing with shapes and colors in a very unique way. Hope you like it, he really inspires me 🙂

A model presents a creation by Indian demanish02dl-1Highsnobette-Manish-Arora-Ipad-Spring-20131

Love, Nina.


Photo 1: from here.

Photo 2: from here.

Photo 3: from here.

Photo 4: from here.