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Be yourself even if…

beyourself5Remember there is nothing wrong with that…


Nina ūüôā


People I admire… Phoebe Wahl

Phoebe Wahl is a young artist with a a very clear aesthetic and all her creations remind me of my chilhood. Her art is beautiful and speak directly to my heart. For me she seems to draw like classic story tales, imagine Little Red Riding Hood draw by her. She is amazing, hope you like it!


Check her website or her blog.



Credits: All of this pictures are from Phoebe Wahl site.



People I admire… Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon is a californian ilustrator and artist that start her career at the age of 31. She used to work as a teacher for non-profit organizations and painting was just a hobbie in that time. After years of hard work, self taughting and practice she is now a full time artist. I love her story which is truly inspirational for everyone wanting to be an artist or¬†anyone wanting to make a hobbie a real job. She remember me to stay focus, love what you do and do it every day (even if you have a regular job) because time, dedication and pasion are rewarded somehow. So if you are wanting to do “the job of your dreams” just be patient and let the time do his thing.


She has also worked in amazing 365 projects online, like collecting things or sharing quotes handwritten. Hope you feel inspire as much as I do.


Nina ūüôā

In mood for…

inmood#2Today I am in mood for…

1. a beautiful backpack from Sabrina Tach “The Inca Backpack (check her website she make beautiful bags with leather, super talent girl!!) 2. This clogs from Swedish Hasbeens in pale pink. 3. I am obsess with this Sunnies from Wildfox! The Bel Air frame, super chic, super girly 4. Thinking in some make-up I would choose the Rouge Coco Shine¬†lipstick, my favorite color 63 Rebelle.

Hope you like my cravings right now, love,


People I admire… Lora Zombie

I am really obsess with this artist, her name Lora Zombie a russian lady that is a genious in making amazing paintings using watercolors, acrylics, collage and mixing this techniques together. She is really talented and so inspiring. I am passing through a watercolor love period in my life and she is my Da Vinci in this area. Her work is sublime and at the same time intriguing. She admits to do “grunge art” but in my opinion (and in many for sure) she is an amazing talented artist. I dream for a private watercolor class with this lady!


By the way if you are interest in Lora, you can check her youtube channel which has lovely short videos with her painting.

Credits: All this images are from Lora Zombie web.


Be yourself even if…

Last weekend I watched the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and one line really hit me.. it was something like “Welcome to the island of Misfit Toys…” So today I share with you a new drawing of the “Be yourself series” inspired in that phrase.¬†If you want to check the previous drawings of the series “Be yourself”, just click in the drawings tag.


Love, Nina ūüôā

People I admire… Malin Bergstr√∂m

I found this amazing artist and ilustrator this time offline. I am a huge fanatic of Nylon Magazine and one of their ilustrators is Malin Bergström. She is swedish and I have to admit I have a special love for her country, I have family in Sweeden and I went once in a beautiful summer and felt in love of this scandinavian country. She works mixing collage with ilustration in a unique way and her drawings are absolutely amazing. I love the colors she uses, always some black and white with hints of color. Here is her work, hope you enjoy it.


Love, Nina.

Credits: The four ilustrations are from here web page.

People I admire… Erik Marinovich

I found this artist online (as I usually do), he is a master in the art of fonts. He is a californian letterist and designer. I really like how he mixes drawings with letters. Here is some of his work, if you like you can go to his web here. He has worked for really big companies including New York Times, Newsweek and other comercial brands.


Hope you like it!!


Credits: Photo 1 / Photo 2 / Photo 3/ Photo 4



In mood for..

Today I am in mood for…


1. a lovely pair of Jeffrey Campbell¬īs Coltrane boots. I love this model and my favorite color is the “Green Rub off” 2. I am in love with the usb ring of Kate Spade (it was in the valantine¬īs list for Fashion Swap Party) 3.a delicious red velvet cupcake from Magnolia¬īs Bakery 4. The Emerald Cambridge Satchel ūüôā

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

Love, Nina ūüôā

Credits: drawings by me.

People I admire… Kapiz

I found Kapiz in Instagram and love her illustration style. Beautiful vintage girls drawings with a unique touch!. Hope you like it ūüėČ Oh by the way she is from Thailand.kapi2All the drawings here are from Kapiz Instagram. If you want to see more of her art¬†here is the link, enjoy! kapiz1Love, Nina ūüôā