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My Collections… Rubber Stamps


I have this little collection of rubber stamps I been collecting through years. I love them, because their are pretty simple to use. Depending on the ink you use, you can apply them everywhere, even in fabrics. Here are some of the ones I used the most.

Letters: (Melissa & Doug Wodden Alphabet Stamp SetWords&Crafts Magnetic Poetry)rubberstampcollection0rubberstampcollection1

Sets by Cavallini&Company

rubberstampscollection2 rubberstampcollection8 rubberstampcollection6

The inks, I have some funny colors!!rubberstampscollection3rubberstampcollection5

Enjoy your stamping!!

Love, Nina.



My Collections… Photo Cameras


I love photography, is one of my favorites hobbies in the world. With the years I been collecting some beautiful cameras I use for different purposes. My favorite new addition is my INSTAX MINI CAMARA, I really adore!!! It´s very funny and the photos are immediately develop.instax

My NIKON 40 is a lovely treasure because it was my first semi-professional camera. It really takes very good photos and is a comfortable camera to take with me when I travel. I think now is discontinuous. I use a 18-55 mm lens and a 55-200 mm lenses.nikond40

Recently I fall in love with Toy Cameras, I love the fact that with this type of cameras, you never know the final result until you develop the film, every single photo is like an experiment. I have two:

The OKTOMAT, which is a camera with 8 lenses, and captures the movement in 8 different mini frames.oktomat

And finally but no less beautiful is THE HOLGA, is a very simple camera that works with 120 mm film and if you want it, you can shift it to 35 mm film adapter (you have to buy it separately) The Holga has beautiful results in the final pictures, because the borders of the pictures are a bit vignette and blur.holga

If you are interesting in toy cameras I recommend you to start reading about LOMOGRAPHY which is a analog camera movement and community. This is the official site of Lomography where you can find all the different cameras they offer.photocameras

Have fun taking pictures!! Love 😉


My Collections… Notebooks


I have been collecting some notebooks since I start drawing a lot or at least trying to draw. But I used them not only to draw, I have one for writing down my dreams (literally dreams I dream every night), one I use it as a journal, and the others I use them to make lists of things. It´s always very cool to carry a funny and beautiful notebook. You never know when a genius idea can pop up your mind, so I recommend you to keep your ideas written, in my case it help me to make them real and maintain me on track. Here is my little collection:


Have a lovely weekend,

Nina 😉

My little collections… Nonsense stuff


I have to admit that I love to collect different kind of things and when something really likes me like shoes for example I can have a lot of them, really a lot (like a Batman Suit situation, the same item in every single color) I know shame on me!. But lets talk about the shoe issue later and let me present my little collection of nonsense stuff. Yes I have a problem with neon dash pink things that I will probably never use in my whole existence. Even when I am traveling I always try to buy something just for fun, so that my suitcase is always infected with different kind of little toys, pens, neon office supplies and a big etc.

My first nonsense stuff I adore is my little collection of post-its, I know post its!!! AHHH 😉 I love them in every shape, and recently I found a new bear shape that is really funny!


I have to admit that my favorites are: the big cupcake and the Rubik Cube 😉


Do you have some little collection of something? I hope you like mine 😉