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Restyling a pair of sandals

restylingsandals2This project was super easy and fun! I was needing some change in one of my super comfy sandals-flipflops. So I decided to make them a little more “formal” to use them to go out. For this project I use: black fabric, studs, adhesive, thread, needle, scissors and some old coins.restylesandals31. The first thing you need to do is choose some sandal you want to restyle. Then the first step is cut  the black fabric in a double triangle shape. 2.3. Once you have it cut, using the adhesive, stick it together so you will have one perfect triangle. 4. 5. After doing this you can start adding the different studs in the black triangle. 6. Sew some coins in the edge of the triangle. 7. Add some adhesive in the sandal(I used UHU for the adhesive which is really good), in my case it was super easy because of the shape of the original sandal. 8. Paste the triangle with the sandal and if you want you can secure the triangle by stitching it to the sandal.restylingsandals8restylingsandals5Hope you like it!! I love my new sandals 🙂

Love, Nina.


Restyling an old purse

restylingpurse4I have to be honest about my wardrobe and accessories and I admit I have so many purses I am not using, that I decided to make a refresh. So today I am going to share with you a simple restyle project. Remember that with little details you can change everything. Here is the process:restylingpurseThe first step is to choose one item with potential to change. 1. My pick was this white purse. I sketch in my head the final idea, I wanted to have a Kate Spade look with a black, yellow palette. 2. Then I used masking tape to do black horizontal stripes. 3.The technique was the same I used to dying leather in the DIY vs. BIY Tote Project.restylingpurse14. I take advantage of the original design of the purse, painting in yellow (a neon tone) some space in the front of the purse. 5. Once the black paint was dry I removed the masking tape.restylingpurse9The final step was adding some pom-poms (if you already know me a little, you will know about my pom-pom addiction over here). You can look the tutorial of how to make your own pom-poms here. But it´s really easy and funny.restylingpurse7I have to admit this project really worth it, because the final result was amazing! A completely new purse in less than three hours!! Are you ready to look into your wardrobe and do some restyling? I am definitely picking new things to restyle!!restylingpurse8Happy Friday, love,


Restyling an antique french commode

I started searching for the perfect commode to my bedroom a bit ago, and the problem I faced was that my findings were or too expensive or very modern ones. So I decide to restyle. Sometimes it is no easy to realise the potential of an old piece in the begining, but you have to see in your mind, imagine a little bit the final product and that´s it.

restyling1restyling restyling2

For this project I used white mate paint and with the help of a cloth I create the vintage effect.


Oh by the way, the commode was from my grandmother when she was 15 🙂

Do you have a restyle idea in your mind? Are you needing something for your house and no founding it? Trust me, even if it take some time try restyling!! Just for fun!

Nina 🙂