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The Hit line… Saturday inspiration

One of my favorites movies ever is “Elizabethtown” with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst.  It´s a beautiful story about life, love and a perfect story that shows that when we think life is giving us lemons, it really means a chance to change and move forward. To learn from the “bad moments” and enjoy them as well as the good ones, because life is a balance mix of the two.  Every time I ask someone about this movie I have mix opinions, or you rather hate it and don´t understand it, or you love it. It´s that kind o movie. For me is a beautiful piece with a lovely message. I pick the last part because I love the simple words they use, hope you enjoy it. As always.. SPOILER ALERT and don´t keep reading if you didn´t watch it. elizabethtownelizabethtown1 elizabethtown2 elizabethtown4 elizabettown5 elizabethtown6 elizabethtown8 elizabethtown9 elizabethtown10 elizabethtown11 elizabethtown12Someday I would love to make the road trip of the movie and I recommend you the soundtrack of the film. Happy easter everyone!!

Love, Nina 🙂


The HIT line… Friday inspiration

Is not a new that I love to take inspiration from everywhere. Films, tv series, and everything in a audiovisual format is a good source of inspiration for me. Some movies have really good lines that “hit” me in a particular moment, in a particular way. Things that you need to listen in that day, at that hour.. So I thought it would be fun to share this “special inspiration lines” with you, maybe because are cool, romantic, hilarious or seem to me a beautiful message. Here is my first movie pick: Pride and Prejudice (the 2005 adaptation). That perfect scene with Mr. Darcy and Lizzie in the meadow at the sunrise …(p.d: Thanks Jane Austen for so much love!!!) Spoiler alert! If you didn´t watch the movie don´t keep reading..prideandprejudice1prideandprejudice2prideandprejudice3prideandprejudice4prideandprejudice5prideandprejudice6prideandprejudice7prideandprejudice8prideandprejudice9prideandprejudice10prideandprejudice11prideandprejudice12Do you have your own “hit lines” of a movie? Share it please!! Hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend.

Nina 😉