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Just tripping… Philadelphia Part I

Maybe one of the things I mostly enjoy is to travel. For me is a lovely experience every time I leave my home, my city. The process for me is magical from the departure to the return. My favorites trips always include an airplane, that means usually long trips and a good amount of hours in the sky 😉

For the last five years or so, I have been very lucky because I had the chance to visit so many places. I am very grateful for that and I hope to keep visiting new places. For me every single place has its own magic, it´s own glow, and every time you visit it is different.


Because everything has a start, my first post in this new feature “JUST TRIPPING” is about my last trip to Philadelphia. This last trip is so fresh that I can smell the philadelphian air in my nose. This is my second time in Phili in a year, and this time even it was colder and cloudy I love every minute in the city! Philadelphia is a beautiful city to walk, you will probably need a good pair of shoes (comfy ones) and money to eat like a king and that´s it. This are some of my favorites places in pictures and I will be back soon with another post of Phili Part II.

#Rittenhouse Square:


#Longwood Gardens: for me is the most beautiful horticultural park I ever been. I take so many photos that I will probably do another post of it.longwood1longwood4longwood2

#Philadelphia Museum of Art:

 museumofartphilimuseumofartphili1 museumofartphili3

#The Historic District: everything in Phili has the label of “the first in the United States” that is because Philadelphia was the city of the Independence.historicphilihistoricphili3historicphili2historicphili1

It´s a lovely city and I really enjoy my time there. There are a lot of other highlights from Phili I will be sharing soon. Hope you like this mini tour,

Nina 😉