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The new app everyone is talking about… Welcome Vine


Last week a new social media network pop up in the communications world. I start to see in many blogs this new word: Vine. So I did a little research including downloading the app (of course) and try it. This new app is like Instagram but with videos. You can record a 6 sec. video in a really easy and short way, and of course share it with the Vine community. I was sceptic at first, because come on! we have more than enough social networks to play with. But I have to admit is really funny, only time will tell how users and brands will adapt.

VineIf you want to follow me on Vine, look for me : The Nina Project.


Good luck making your videos!! Love, Nina 🙂

p.s: now you can only download for Iphones. If you want more information of the app here is the Vine blog