About me

Hello!!! WELCOME… my name is Nina (just a short version of Carolina) and welcome to my blog.

The Nina Project started as an idea to have a place to inspire me and if I´m lucky to inspire others. For me is a new place to share with everyone who is interest, things that I find funny and lovely on the daily life. I have lots of ideas for this space, but most of them are in the oven right now. So let´s see!

I have some hobbies, but there are certain things I enjoy the most, like taking pictures, drawing or at least try and watching chickflicks. In my free time I regualry make crafts from scratch and love to find materials to play with.

This is a start and you are very welcome..

I hope you like it!


    • ninaordeix

      Thanks shontemarie !!! I will be writing about the Liebster Award soon in my blog, no because I think I deserve some kind of award, because I think is a funny chain of keeping the word and a funny post. Thank you very much for your recognition it makes me really happy you enjoy my blog. Lots of love, Nina 🙂

  1. Sabrina Shervensquy

    Wonderful blog! Very inspiring and helpful for the creation of manually staff and spiritual growing…

  2. stefania

    Hi carritus! I really loved to read your blogg and i hope i can follow you, your crazy personality and lovely ideas for a loong time.

    See you soon:-)

    • ninaordeix

      Thank you Jill!! I really appreciate your beautiful comment and your nomination for the Liebster Award! I think of keep posting here, so stay in touch and thank you for reading!! I like your blog too 😉

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