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People I admire… Banksy

I am really huge fan of street art, you can find beautiful messages and amazing drawings in the street. These kind of artists express themselves in the public eye, in front of everyone. The biggest contemporary  street artist is Banksy. He had create a unique aesthetic very recognisable around the world. He mix perfect drawings with deep social messages that can be seen in the biggest cities around the world. Even if he had been controversional about his work, he says things that some people think but are too afraid to say it at loud. The value of his art is that today is here and tomorrow maybe it will not, it´s ephemeral.




Even if you like it or not, I recommend you his documental “Exit through the gift shop” an incredible history about the street art and a raising new “artist” “Mr. Brainwash“. I think comments about this documental are for another post, because it´s brillant! (Banksy creates a “piece of art”) Trust me!!