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Le quote of the week #23



Frase de la semana: … ” las palabras son claramente la droga más poderosa usada por el hombre…” RUDYARD KIPLING.

Carolina or Nina 🙂


People I admire… Teesha Moore

I´ve been following Teesha Moore work for years and I find it amazing, her art is something I really love because it has things I really identify with myself. She is an expert in the “art journaling” world, using mix media. I would love to improve my techniques in this area. She knows how to express her feelings using colors, images and beautiful illustrations. If you want to read her blog click here and if you are interested in this kind of art she is always doing workshops and art fest. Enjoy!TESHAMOORE7TESHAMOORE4TESHAMOORE8TESHAMOORE TESHAMOORE2

Spanish: He seguido el trabajo de Teesha Moore desde hace años y lo encuentro Ă­ncreible no sĂłlo por su creatividad y sus tĂ©cnicas sino porque hay algo en su arte que me identifica. Ella es una experta en el mundo del conocido “art journaling” o en espeañol serĂ­a una especie de “arte de diarios personales”. Utiliza muchas tĂ©cnicas donde mezcla la ilustraciĂłn, la pintura,  creando collages Ăşnicos. Esta movida de “art journaling” es muy fuerte en paĂ­ses como Estados Unidos y busca realizar diarios personales con hojas Ăşnicas, expresando la creatividad y plasmando el mundo interno de cada persona en una hoja de papel. A mi me parece fascinante y aunque no los hago todos los dĂ­as me gusta cada tanto pintar, pegar y rayar un poco. Si quieren seguir más de cerca su trabajo, les dejo el link de su blog y si están interesados en este tipo de arte les dejo los links para sus workshops y art fests. Ella da clases on-line en inglĂ©s.


Carolina or just Nina:)

Credits: All images are from Tesha Moore website.

Le quote of the week #22



La frase de la Semana #22 ” …SĂ© tu mismo, todos los demás ya están tomados…” Oscar Wilde. Que tengan una linda semana,

Carolina or Nina 🙂

People I admire… Bianca Green

I am really in love with Bianca Green´s work! She is a very talented brazilian artist with an amazing taste for beautiful colors and crazy compositions. She use lots of different patterns that make her drawings more alive. And she has also lived in my country (happy coincidence) :). If you are looking for digital collage and bright colors she is the girl. Enjoy!biancagreenbiancagreen3Bianca Green2 biancagreen2

Bianca Green1

How cool is that? If you want to shop one of her designs you can go to her Society 6 web page, and you will find lots of amazing pieces. Or maybe read more about her bio here.

Love, Nina.

Credits: Bianca Green web.


Friday inspiration… Mind maps

I found this amazings drawings in form of mind maps some time ago and I thought their were amazing. The man behind this project is Paul Foreman, a self taught ilustrator that had release lots of e-book with his drawings. I recommend to check his website where you can find mind maps of lots of different topics. I think was really inspirational material to finish the week! Have a great weekend!





Hope you like it,




People I admire… Banksy

I am really huge fan of street art, you can find beautiful messages and amazing drawings in the street. These kind of artists express themselves in the public eye, in front of everyone. The biggest contemporary  street artist is Banksy. He had create a unique aesthetic very recognisable around the world. He mix perfect drawings with deep social messages that can be seen in the biggest cities around the world. Even if he had been controversional about his work, he says things that some people think but are too afraid to say it at loud. The value of his art is that today is here and tomorrow maybe it will not, it´s ephemeral.




Even if you like it or not, I recommend you his documental “Exit through the gift shop” an incredible history about the street art and a raising new “artist” “Mr. Brainwash“. I think comments about this documental are for another post, because it´s brillant! (Banksy creates a “piece of art”) Trust me!!