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Le quote of the week #23



Frase de la semana: … ” las palabras son claramente la droga más poderosa usada por el hombre…” RUDYARD KIPLING.

Carolina or Nina 🙂


Le quote of the week #22



La frase de la Semana #22 ” …SĂ© tu mismo, todos los demás ya están tomados…” Oscar Wilde. Que tengan una linda semana,

Carolina or Nina 🙂

People I admire… Julian Bilowas

I found this amazing artist a while ago, and I love not only the simplicity of his art, but also the messages he share. I am a huge fan of his work, and love the way he mix photography with beautiful words. I think he truly inspire me to start the feauture of this blog “Le Quote of the Week” (obiously this quotes are not mine, but the photos are). In 2011 he developed a project that was call 365q and consisted in putting together one photo per day. A great photographer and a beautiful designer whispering the world messages of love…

Julian Bialowasok

quote_gDay 193quote_b

Hope you enjoy his art as much as I do and if you want more information you can go to his site.

Love, Nina 🙂

Photo 1: Collage of my own from various photos of him.

Photo 2: From here

Photo 3: From here

Photo 4: From here

Summer tiaras… in the countryside

This year I had a really special holidays, because we (me and my love) decided to go to the countryside. We really enjoyed all the good vibes of nature and to be in the middle of nowhere. We were in love with the experience, sometimes is good to slowdown, connect to the nature and relax.christsmaseve13

Our time there was precious and I found lots of good natural materials for crafting.christmasevechristmaseve5

We did some beautiful tiaras for all the girls in the house, and of course I used it every single day!!


If you want to try it, you will need: rosemary, dried flowers, wire and wire cutters.It is a very easy project, try it! I really enjoyed it!